Sample Business Credit Reports

Jackel International Ltd

The minimum recommended by CMT Credit Scorecard is £1.4 Million with a Maximum of £5.7 Million. The recommended credit agency limit is £1.5 Million. With CMT Credit Scorecard methodology, their liquidity shows as very strong giving them the ability to trade well on a day to day basis supported by the fact they pay creditors very quickly.

Deceuninck Ltd

This company has negative net worth and the credit agency limit is £3,000. CMT Credit Scorecard has allocated Higher Commercial Risk of almost £44,000. Higher Commercial Risk needs to be a company decision for companies you are already supplying who have a low score, low or negative net worth, or where you have guarantees or other security and are happy with your relationship.

Cookson Precious Metals Ltd

Dealing in precious metals you may need a higher credit rating than the norm! This company has scored against almost every ratio and should prove worthy of a maximum credit rating of £3.2 Million, compared to a credit agency recommended limit of £490,000.

Sabre Tooth Ltd (Ireland)

A full accounts analysis cannot be done because this is a small company which has not filed a profit & loss account. The credit agency recommended limit is €500. They have strong liquidity and no bank borrowings so a higher credit rating of €2,200 is justifiable if needed.

Sun Chemical B.V. (Netherlands)

European accounts filing will vary from country to country and the profit & loss account here does not include cost of sales so gross profit is not shown. Total operating costs are shown, net worth and liquidity is strong, but profitability is weak. The CMT Credit Scorecard recommended guideline is €10.7 Million compared to a recommended credit agency limit of €9.5 Million.

Waterstone’s Booksellers Ltd

This company has scored low on CMT Credit Scorecard with net worth, profitability and liquidity declining. If your situation permits, we advise you to use the recommended credit agency limit of almost £3 Million. Ideally you would seek assurances and security from this company.